How to Avoid Getting Scammed By a Chiswick Removals Company

The risk of being scammed is always a worry, especially when it comes to hiring a professional service such as a removals in Chiswick. However, although it does happen, it certainly doesn’t have to, and if you are smart about it, you can easily avoid being ripped-off by local removals. Below we explore the key things to think about:


Check reviews


One of the first lines of defence when trying to decide on the right removals to hire in Chiswick is to check out any reviews available for the company. Almost all removals will put testimonials on their website in order to showcase their successes, however don’t just take these at face value. While it sounds cynical, the fact is that some companies do publish fake reviews, so be wary if a lot of the reviews seem to say the same thing or are written in a very similar way. Also take time to check feedback available from other sources. A lot of removals will also be reviewed on independent websites that focus purely on providing genuine feedback, so make sure to do some digging around.


Ask for recommendations


In addition to reading reviews by previous customers, one of the best ways to assess the suitability and credence of a removal team is to get real-life recommendations from friends and families wherever possible. As this feedback comes from people you know directly who have used your shortlisted Chiswick company then you are likely to feel more comfortable that what they say is true and that their review is honest. Getting input from people who have already used a service when moving house is therefore important, but unfortunately may not always be possible, so be wary.


Never pay the full price up-front


No matter what information you have used to assess the removal companies on your shortlist, whether feedback from past customers or recommendations from friends and family, one of the most important things to be firm about is refusing to pay the full cost up-front. If a company requests this then be wary as it can be a sign of a scammer who will simply disappear the moment the money is in their account. This is not always the case, but paying the whole cost the the house removals before any work is carried out, puts you at significant risk of fraud. A request for a reasonable deposit is more likely and will often be required, but never agree to pay for a job until it has been done. Any reputable company in Chiswick will be completely sympathetic if you express concerns of this nature, and anyone who insists of full payment beforehand should be dismissed from your shortlist for your safety.


If in doubt – don’t hire


This is the most important tip of all. Regardless of what people may be telling you, if you feel at all uncomfortable with the approach of a company, whether it’s because of suspicious reviews, a request for payment, or even just an uneasy feeling when speaking with them, then it’s always best to avoid. No matter how cheap the price for removals may seem, it’s never worth it if it ends up being paid to scammers. It may feel harsh, and may well be that the company is entirely legitimate, but moving is stressful enough without having to worry about whether your removal team is about to run off with the last of your money when you’re about to move home in Chiswick. Trust your instincts, and if in any doubt, then don’t hire. Spending an extra few quid on a different removals company may end up saving you a lot more in the long run, both financially and in terms of your anxiety levels.


Avoiding scammers is all about being sensible and following your instincts, but it’s also worth knowing who to call if things do turn sour. So make sure you know the number of your local citizens’ advice bureau, just in case. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.