Packing-service-Movers-Packman (Large)Packing can be the most time consuming part of any move. Our efficient and secure packing service means less of your valuable time is taken up, allowing you to focus on the more important things in your life.

Our packing experts are qualified export packers working in teams of two or more. At Movers Pakman we ensure a high standard of quality packing for all of your delicate and valuables items.

At the start of each move we will secure your flooring with special floor protection covers. Items with fragile interiors such piano’s, grandfather clock’s or other items can be fitted in specially made crates, after their exact measurements are taken, to ensure a perfect snug fit. Your valuable artwork will be protected with acid free paper as well as corrugated cardboard and bubble wrap. Museum cases can be used for Victorian mirrors, valuable pictures and precious artwork.

The packing team of Movers Pakman can provide you with a full packing service or just a partial one, for delicate items only. Plus, if you decide to do your own packing we will even lend you as many boxes as you need completely free of charge!